Mobifit Pro

Mobifit Pro is a motion trainer that is supported by a motor and is ideal for a low-pressure exercise. Speed can be adjusted individually to strengthen arms and legs stepwise. Mobifit Pro has been developed to strengthen and raise the flexibility of the upper and lower part of the body, to stimulate blood circulation and can also be used for rehabilitation or to improve your fi tness. Mobifit pro is ideal for people who don‘t walk well anymore, have disturbances of equilibrium, have a heart or circulation problem, ankylosis or rheumatism. For your daily fitness an active and passive exercise is recommended. The device is very light and can be used anytime and anywhere. A time switch and multi-purpose LCD display will make it easier to use the motion trainer.

Features• Pedals with back straps

Special features • Time switch
• Multi-purpose LCD display
• Adjustable speed
Total width45 cm
Total height29 cm
Total depth30 cm
Total weight5,5 kg
MotorAC 220 V - 50 Hz | 40 W