Taiga the robust outdoor drive, with its powerful motor, strong batteries and high max. capacity, it sets a high standard and offers therefore a larger range and a plus of climbing ability. With its large wheels Taiga has a strong drive and overcomes uneven grounds easily. The curb climber, which is an optional equipment, supports to overcome curbs and steps. The mudguard for the wheels and splash back for the batteries allows safe outdoor driving. Additionally all manual adjustments are possible as well for electrical adjustment, controlled by VR-2 control unit.

121 kg
67 cm
120 cm
104 cm
170 kg
162 cm
Features• Seat width adjustable via seating frame
• Seat cushion adjustable in width
• Backrest adjustable in 4 levels from 90° to 120°, mechanically
• Backrest adjustable in 4 levels from 90° to 135°, electrically
• Seat and backrest angle adjustable electrically
Seat width adjustable41,5 - 61,5 cm
Seat depth adjustable41 - 56 cm
Seat height50 cm
Backrest height adjustable53 - 67 cm
Seat angle-2° to +10°, mechanically
-2° to + 20°, electrically
Backrest angle90° to 120°, mechanically
90° to 135°, electrically
Total width67 cm
Total height104 cm
Total length120 cm
Total weight121 kg
User weight170 kg
Max. speed6 km/h
Max. range approx.35 km
Climbing ability10° | 17,6%
Turning circle162 cm
Batteries2x12V/80 Ah
Comfort seat HeadrestSeat and backrest angle adjustable, electricallyLegrest adjustable in width and horizontally
R-Net controlVR-2 control unit for attendant personR-Net control unit for attendant personFixation for an additional control unit for attendant person
Software kit, Software cable (E)Curb climberStick holderApino Shopper