The Triton is the most comfortable among the B+B multifunctional wheelchairs. With its ergonomically shaped seat and backrest shell, the Triton adapts to the patient‘s contours. The adjustable side pads and knee pads provide additional comfort and hold. The adjustable seat width, seat depth and backrest height as well as the height-adjustable legrests with manual length compensation make the Triton individually adaptable. Already as standard, the Triton offers in addition a wide range of equipment that makes sitting even more comfortable: a 3 times adjustable headrest, heightand depth-adjustable side parts and adjustable seat and backrest angles.

36,4 kg (Var. 1)
37,9 kg (Var. 2)
67 cm (Var. 1)
73 cm (Var. 2)
104 cm
90 - 120 cm
125 kg
Features• Headrest adjustable in 3 directions
• Knee ans calf pads adjustable
• Seat and backrest angle adjustable
• Legrests elevating horizontally, with length adjustment
Seat width variant 136 – 43 cm
Seat width variant 243 – 50 cm
Seat depth42 – 48 cm
Seat height52 cm
Backrest height50 – 62 cm
Seat angle0° – 15°
Backrest reclining-3° – +43°
Total width variant 167 cm
Total width variant 273 cm
Total height90 – 120 cm
Total depth with legrest104 cm
Total depth without legrest83 cm
Total weight variant 136,4 kg
Total weight variant 237,9 kg
User weight125 kg
Frame colorSilver metallic
Drum brakeAbduction padSpoke protection, transparentSafety belt
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