With the Capero you will explore your everyday life newly and free. The aluminum rollator weighs only a little more than 6 kg, including some extras which are serial equipment. Capero is equipped with a stick holder and a bag for personal belongings or for small purchases. If you want to have a little break, the nylon fabric and a stabile backrest belt allow comfortable seating. The height adjustable push handles enable Capero to adjust to your individual body measures. Transport is also very easy with this light weight. With one pull, it folds together and additionally, with one click, wheels can be removed, if needed. Like this Capero will fit into any car without problem.

5,8 kg

64 cm

76,5 cm

86 - 97 cm

136 kg
137,2 cm
Features• Backrest
• Stick holder
• Removable net bag
• Wheels removeable with click system
Seat area45 x 25 cm
Seat height54 cm
Handle height adjustable86 – 97 cm
Total width64 cm
Total height adjustable86 – 97 cm
Total length76,5 cm
Total weight5,8 kg
User weight136 kg
Turning circle137,2 cm
ColorPlatin, midnight blue
"Ray" Reflector"Hercules" Lock