A rollator as a lifestyle product! In cooperation with the Porsche Design Studio, the Bischoff & Bischoff company launches the “Alevo” – a lightweight made of carbon. “We believe that the time has come to push into the high-end area with a medical device. The generation that uses rollators today put a lot of emphasis on beautiful cars and great vacations in their lives, and they would like to use lifestyle products even in their old age “, Managing Director Thomas Bischoff explains his motivation to develop the” Alevo “.

And Henning Rieseler, manager of the Porsche Design Studio in Berlin adds: “It was our approach to create a product that users can be proud of, that they enjoy and that they naturally integrate into their everyday lives. We would like to see such a product increase the acceptance of walking aids in society in general “.

The Alevo stands out not only by its iconic design, but also by its low weight. Only 5.8 kilos he brings to the scales and yet guarantees full safety and stability. The material known from the aircraft and racing sport of carbon creates the balancing act of being as light as a feather, as stable as a car.

For the first time, Bischoff & Bischoff will be presenting the “Alevo” at the Expolife in Kassel (16 to 18 April) and the Rehab in Karlsruhe (23 to 25 April).