the foldable electric wheelchair

The Via will set you on new paths. This foldable electric wheelchair can become your daily companion for whenever you need support.

It is primarily designed for use in your home. The Via’s compactness makes it very manoeuvrable. This means that you can easily navigate around furniture, corners and edges throughout your entire house. You can control it easily with your hand using a joystick.

Its integrated folding mechanism makes the Via extremely easy to transport. It can be folded in a flash and fits comfortably in the boot of a car. This means you can take the Via with you wherever you go to support your mobility: to the shopping centre, when attending a doctor’s appointment, on a trip to the park and, of course, when meeting up with your loved ones. If you don’t need the Via, simply fold it up. It is extremely space-saving and practical because the Via is easy to push even when folded, yet still remains stable when left standing.

The Via brings flexibility to your everyday life, but it can also join you on holiday. As a foldable electric wheelchair, it can also accompany you on trips by bus or train. You can even ride the Via comfortably on bumpy surfaces, such as old cobbled streets, thanks to its larger tyres (12-inch pneumatic tyres). The Via can roll easily over obstacles of up to four centimetres.

The Via is powered by a maintenance-free lithium-ion battery which provides a range of approximately 22 kilometres and allows you to reach a speed of six kilometres per hour.


Spare Parts Catalogue

total weight

36 kg

total width

690 mm

total length

1090 mm

total heigth

980 mm

max. user weight

120 kg


  • Front wheels 8″ (PU)

  • Rear wheels 12″ (air)

  • Armrest with arm pad foldable

  • Rear wheel drive

  • Aluminum frame

  • Breathable seat- and backrest padding

  • Armrests witch arm pads

  • Seat cushion (50 mm)

  • Push handle

  • Foot plates adjustable in heihgt and foldable

  • Control panel PG Drive VSI swivelling

  • Control panel can be mounted on both sides

  • Anti tippers

  • Stick holder

  • Bag under the seat removable

  • Foldable without tools


6 km/h


approx. 25 km


10° | 17,6 %


instruction manual & broschure

instruction manual
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Seat width 430 mm
Seat depth 430 mm
Seat heigth 500 mm
Backrest height 560 mm
Max. speed 6 km/h
Range ca. 25 km
Climbing ability 10 % | 17,6 %
Obstacle height 40 mm
Reversing width 1720 mm
Front wheels 8″ (PU)
Rear wheels 12″ (air)
Total width 690 mm
Total length 1090 mm
Total height 980 mm
Total weight ca. 36 kg
Max. user weight 120 kg
Battery 24 V | 20 Ah
Motor 2 x 24 V | 180 W | max. 4200 UPM
Frame color white


Control Unit for attendant person