Pyro Next

The PYRO NEXT is the flyweight among the lightweight wheelchairs from Bischoff & Bischoff. With a total weight of 13.9 kilograms and a seat width of 460 millimeters, it perfectly complements the range of lightweight wheelchairs.

Thanks to its light weight, the PYRO NEXT can be controlled with little effort. The user can push the lightweight wheelchair himself using the aluminum grip rings. The new knee lever brake is easy to operate, as it requires only a small amount of force. This makes the PYRO NEXT a practical and agile companion for home and on the road.

Easy to get in & out
The height-adjustable side panels with garment guard can be swung to the side. The standard leg rests can be swiveled inward and outward and can be removed with one hand movement. This makes it easy to get in and out of the PYRO NEXT lightweight wheelchair.

Product design
The timeless design makes the PYRO NEXT a modern companion. The model is available in two frame colors: Silver and blue. The black aluminum cross brace gives the PYRO NEXT extra stability and dynamic.

Care & transport
The seat and backrest of this lightweight wheelchair are made of durable nylon, which is easy to clean. For transport, the PYRO NEXT lightweight wheelchair can be folded up in a few easy steps. This also makes it the perfect travel companion – easy to transport, stow, and store.

Optionally, you can attach anti-tilt castors, horizontally adjustable leg rests or a cane holder from our range of accessories to the PYRO NEXT lightweight wheelchair.

13.9 kg
SW + 18 cm
102 cm
96 cm
125 kg
Features• Light & agile
Aluminum frame
• Aluminum gripping rings
• New knee lever brake (minimal effort)
• Adjustable seat height
• Side parts height-adjustable & can be swiveled
• Leg rests can be swung inward and outward and removed
• Puncture-resistant tires
• Quick-release axle
Seat width400 - 490 mm
Seat depth425 mm
Seat height470 - 510 mm
Backrest height430 mm
Total widthSW + 180 mm
Total height960 mm
Total width folded300 mm
Total depth with legrest1020 mm
Total depth without legrest780 mm
Total weight13.9 kg
User weight125 kg
Frame colorSilver metallic | blue metallic
Drum brakeSingle-hand brake (mechanical)Brake lever extensionLeg rest elevating adjustable horizontally
Anti tippersSeat cushionStick holderSafety belt
Spoke protection transparentTherapy trayHolder for infusions | oxygen bottlesApino Citybag
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