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Information about wheelchair facelift 

The introduction of the newly revised standard and lightweight wheelchairs from B+B has been launched. 

Our development department is constantly working to bring the tools we offer up to the state of the art. Especially the revision of the standard and lightweight wheelchairs, which are in daily use, was very important to us. The focus was placed on the compatibility of the models and the standardization of the options. During the development, the customer requests collected by us were taken into account. 

Below we have listed the most important FAQs. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us personally.

Uniform side panels including clothing protectors and sockets


Uniform leg support and footplate*

*not for Pyro Light Optima / XL

Unified release lever for leg support


Quick-release axle as standard


Uniform push handles


New knee lever lock for low effort



From April 2019, the introduction will begin as a rolling process. 

During the introduction, you may get the revised and the previous models as a mixed palette, since our system proceeds according to “first in first out”. 

Unfortunately this is not possible during the transition phase. 

Of course you can still order spare parts for the previous models from us. 

Pyro Light Optima und XL
Pyro Start Plus und SL
Pyro Start
S-Eco 300 und XL
S-Eco 2

  • Uniform side panels / clothing protection and carriers 
  • Uniform leg support and footplates (except Pyro Light Optima and XL) 
  • Unified release lever for leg support 
  • Quick-release axle as standard 
  • Black cross brace 
  • Uniform push handles 
  • New knee lever lock (less effort) 
  • Uniform colours 
  • Product name on frame 
  • Reinforced decorative seams in grey with adjustable back upholstery for the products Pyro Light Optima/XL, Pyro Start Plus/SL 

Yes. Attachments such as leg support, side panels, push handles etc. are compatible. However, it is advisable to replace the parts in pairs, as the parts differ visually. 

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