Protego SL

The Protego SL is the multifunctional wheelchair, adapted to the needs of tall people. With a seat depth that can be adjusted from 48 to 52 cm, a seat height that can be adjusted from 52 to 60 cm and a back height that is adjustable from 54 to 65 cm, it can be adapted individually to people with a height of up to 2.10 m. The usual Protego equipment features such as the 3-way adjustable headrest, the height-adjustable side elements and the horizontally adjustable leg rests have been adopted. In addition to this, the Protego SL series is equipped with depth-adjustable push handles as standard.

36 kg
SW + 19 cm
120 cm
103,5 - 111,5 cm
150 kg
Features• Seath depth, Seat height and Backrest height adjustable
• Push handles adjustable in height
• Headrest adjustable in 3 directions
• Seat and backrest angle adjustable
Seat width44 – 51,5 cm
Seat depth48 – 52 cm
Seat height52 - 60 cm
Backrest height54 – 65 cm
Seat angle0° – 15°
Backrest reclining0° – 44°
Total widthSW + 19 cm
Total height103,5 - 111,5 cm
Total depth with legrest120 cm
Total depth without legrest87 cm
Total weight36 kg
User weight150 kg
Frame colorAnthracite
Drum brakeAbduction padLateral Support / PelotteBrake lever extension
Hemiplegic armrestSpoke protection, transparentTransit alterationSafety belt
Therapy trayHolder for infusions | oxygen bottlesApino CitybagApino Shopper