Protego SL

The Protego SL is the multifunctional wheelchair, adapted to the needs of tall people. With a seat depth that can be adjusted from 48 to 52 cm, a seat height that can be adjusted from 52 to 60 cm and a back height that is adjustable from 54 to 65 cm, it can be adapted individually to people with a height of up to 2.10 m. The usual Protego equipment features such as the 3-way adjustable headrest, the height-adjustable side elements and the horizontally adjustable leg rests have been adopted. In addition to this, the Protego SL series is equipped with depth-adjustable push handles as standard.

36 kg
SW + 19 cm
120 cm
103,5 - 111,5 cm
150 kg
Features• Seath depth, Seat height and Backrest height adjustable
• Push handles adjustable in height
• Headrest adjustable in 3 directions
• Seat and backrest angle adjustable
Seat width44 – 51,5 cm
Seat depth48 – 52 cm
Seat height52 - 60 cm
Backrest height54 – 65 cm
Seat angle0° – 15°
Backrest reclining0° – 44°
Total widthSW + 19 cm
Total height103,5 - 111,5 cm
Total depth with legrest120 cm
Total depth without legrest87 cm
Total weight36 kg
User weight150 kg
Frame colorAnthracite
Drum brakeAbduction padCalf padsBrake lever extension
Hemiplegic armrestSpoke protection, transparentTransit alterationSafety belt
Therapy trayHolder for infusions | oxygen bottles