Pyro Light XL

The Pyro Light XL is the reliable alternative to the Pyro Light for the larger user. It provides a wide range of adaptations, such as the adjustable backrest, the adjustable seat height and the rear wheel extension. The Pyro Light XL can also be equipped with an optional “desk” or “long” side panel. In addition, the leg rests can swivel in and out and can be adjusted to a horizontal position if necessary. The angle of the footrests can also be adjusted. Its extensive range of accessories makes the Pyro Light XL even more versatile.

18,6 kg
SW + 19 cm
108 cm
94 cm
170 kg
Features• Combi side parts (desk | long)
• Backrest height adjustable
• Legrest swivelling in and outwards
• Wheelbase extension
Seat width510 - 560 mm
Seat depth440 - 460 mm
Seat height420 - 540 mm
Backrest height420 mm
Total widthSW + 190 mm
Total height940 mm
Total width folded330 mm
Total depth with legrest1080 mm
Total depth without legrest830 mm
Total weight18,6 kg
User weight170 kg
Frame colorSilver metallic
Drum brakeWheelbase extensionSingle-hand brake (mechanical)Brake lever extension
One hand driveBack rest strap systemLeg rest elevating
adjustable horizontally
Amputee support
Legrest elongationFootplateSideparts adjustable in heightCastor extension (hemiplegic version)
Seat cushionHeadrest adjustableStick holderSafety belt XL
Anti tippersPush handles adjustable in heightSpoke protection transparentTherapy tray
Holder for infusions | oxygen bottlesHand rim coverApino CitybagApino Shopper