Centuro S7

The high performance power scooter

At 15 km / h, the CENTURO S7 is the fastest and most powerful scooter in the CENTURO family. Thanks to its high battery capacity and 13-inch pneumatic tires, it achieves a range of approximately 45 km – with maximum comfort. A variety of settings allows for customisation of the seat position and the steering column.

In addition, this scooter is equipped with numerous safety features, such as crash protection bars all around the vehicle and electronic speed reduction when cornering. The CENTURO S7 is in every respect a competent companion of the highest class. It is equally suitable for a short trip to the supermarket, a city stroll or for longer trips with the grandchildren in the countryside.

Sophisticated design

The design of the CENTURO S7, which is underlined by its simple colour scheme – in either anthracite or white – conveys a sense of modernity and understatement. Functional elements, such as the shopping basket installed on the steering column, or the splash guard, blend harmoniously into the overall picture. The comfort seat, upholstered in black imitation leather, is both inviting and luxurious at the same time.

High travelling comfort

The CENTURO S7 has everything you need to feel completely comfortable with your electric scooter. The adjustable steering column and the adjustable seat with swing-away armrests can be perfectly matched to your body size and posture. A splash guard attached to the steering column protects you on wet roads.

Thanks to the 13-inch pneumatic tires, the CENTURO S7 scooter can easily negotiate inclines, gradients and curbs. The first-class suspension of the chassis ensures a pleasant driving experience in every situation. The ergonomically shaped handlebar lies securely in the hand. A high-quality LCD display provides the necessary overview of the controls. You can charge your mobile devices easily via the USB port. In addition, there is an integrated holder for accessories in the seat frame.

Reliable driving safety

Comfort and safety go hand in hand with the CENTURO S7. The scooter possesses numerous safety features, such as protection bars at the front, rear and on the sides, a mechanical parking brake, two rear-view mirrors and a lighting system according to the traffic road regulations and a horn. Electronic speed reduction when cornering increases safety during steering manoeuvres.

Spare part catalogue

total weight

142 kg

total width

745 mm

total length

1450 mm

total height

1440 mm

user weight

160 kg


  • Tires 13″ (air)

  • ergonomic handlebars

  • LED Display

  • Stadium seat with armrests

  • Seat height adjustable, rotatable and detachable

  • Armrest height adjustable, angle adjustable and swiveling

  • Backrest foldable

  • Steering column adjustable

  • Parking brake

  • Sprung suspension

  • electronical Speed reduction

  • Shopping basket removable

  • Rear mirror (left & right)

  • Horn

  • USB Port

  • Cup holder

  • Fender front-, lateral, backside

  • Lighting according to the traffic road regulations




15 km/h


approx. 45 km


12° | 21 %


The CENTURO S7 is available in 2 colors

Frame color: White

Frame color: Anthracite


order forms, user manuals & broschures

User manual
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Seat width 490 mm
Seat depth 420 mm
Seat height 465 – 515 mm
Backrest height 480 mm (680 mm with headrest)
Speed 15 km/h
Range approx. 45 km
Slope 12° | 21%
Obstacle height 100 mm
Ground clearance 130 mm
Reversing width 2300 mm
Tires 13″ (air)
Total width 745 mm
Total length 1450 mm
Total height 1440 mm
Total weight approx. 142 kg
User weight 160 kg
Batteries 2 x 12 V | 80 Ah
Motor 15 km/h, 1100 W, max. 4100 UPM
Display LCD
Lighting according to the traffic road regulations
Frame color White | Anthracite
Price (RRP) 4.533,00 Euro


one family – six models

  • Speed: 6 km/h

  • Range: approx. 15 km

  • Total weight: 55 kg

  • User weight: 136 kg

  • Speed: 6 km/h | 10 km/h

  • Range: approx. 35 km

  • Total weight: 109 kg

  • User weight: 160 kg

  • Speed: 6 km/h | 10 km/h

  • Range: approx. 35 km

  • Total weight: 122 kg

  • User weight: 160 kg

  • Speed: 15 km/h

  • Range: approx. 45 km

  • Total weight: 142 kg

  • User weight: 160 kg

  • Speed: 10 km/h

  • Range: approx. 45 km

  • total weight: 142 kg

  • User weight: 160 kg

  • Speed: 10 km/h

  • Range: approx. 35 km

  • Total weight: 157 kg

  • User weight: 250 kg


Rain cover

Transport box

Stick holder

Rollator bracket

XL Seat