Centuro S7 XXL

The XXL scooter

The CENTURO S7 XXL is specially designed for heavy people, so it has a maximum load capacity of 250 kg. The reinforced gearbox and the adapted motor power of this XXL scooter enable a maximum speed of 10 km/h. The powerful battery achieves a maximum range of around 35 km. The stable XL seat ensures optimum seating comfort on short and long journeys.

XXL also in design

The XXL version of our electric vehicle CENTURO S7 is also visually impressive. Thanks to its perfectly harmonizing proportions, this XXL scooter impresses with its modern and dynamic design.
Functional elements set accents and fit harmoniously into the overall picture of the scooter. This also applies to the shopping basket positioned on the steering column and the adjustable wind deflectors. The comfortable XL comfort seat radiates comfort and understatement in equal measure. The XXL electromobile is optionally available in the frame colors anthracite or white.

The scooter with that extra bit of comfort

The CENTURO S7 XXL offers seating comfort and legroom. With this XXL scooter, heavy users can enjoy comfortable mobility that is simply fun.
The first-class suspension of the chassis ensures a pleasant driving experience. Thanks to the 13-inch pneumatic tyres, this XXL scooter easily masters small obstacles, uphill and downhill gradients.
The steering column and the XL seat have numerous adjustment options. The seat and headrest are height adjustable, the back angle is adjustable, the armrests are angle adjustable, height adjustable and swing up. The ergonomically shaped handlebar fits comfortably in your hand. Two adjustable wind deflectors attached to the steering column and a splash guard installed above the wheels protect you from wind and rain. There is a holder in the seat frame for additional accessories.
A high-quality LCD display provides the necessary overview when controlling the electric vehicle. You can charge your mobile devices at the USB port of the XXL scooter.

security features

Maximum resilience requires maximum security. Therefore, this XXL scooter has numerous safety features: impact protection at the front, rear and sides, mechanical parking brake, two rear-view mirrors, lighting system according to the traffic road regulations. In the case of cornering, reducing the maximum speed during steering movements increases safety.

total weight

157 kg

total width

745 mm

total length

1450 mm

total height

1440 mm

user weight

250 kg


  • Tires 13″ (air)

  • ergonomic handlebars

  • LCD Display

  • XL seat with armrests

  • Seat height adjustable, rotatable and detachable

  • Armrest height adjustable, angle adjustable and swiveling

  • Backrest foldable

  • Steering column adjustable

  • Parking brake

  • Sprung suspension

  • electronical Speed reduction

  • Shopping basket removable

  • Rear mirror (left & right)

  • Horn

  • USB Port

  • Cup holder

  • Fender front-, lateral, backside

  • Lighting according to the traffic road regulations




10 km/h


approx. 35 km


12° | 21 %


The CENTURO S7 XXL is available in 2 colors

frame color: White

frame color: Anthracite


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Seat width 520 mm
Seat depth 550 mm
Seat height 465 – 515 mm
Backrest height 545 mm (720 mm with headrest)
Speed 10 km/h
Range approx. 35 km
Slope 12° | 21%
Obstacle height 100 mm
Ground clearance 130 mm
Reversing width 2300 mm
Tires 13″ (air)
Total width 745 mm
Total length 1450 mm
Total height 1440 mm
Total weight approx. 157 kg
User weight 250 kg
Batteries 2 x 12 V | 80 Ah
Motor 10 km/h, 1000 W, max. 4100 UPM
Display LCD
Lighting according to the traffic road regulations
Frame color White | Anthracite
Basis price 5.046,00 Euro


one family – six models

  • Speed: 6 km/h

  • Range: approx. 15 km

  • Total weight: 55 kg

  • User weight: 136 kg

  • Speed: 6 km/h | 10 km/h

  • Range: approx. 35 km

  • Total weight: 109 kg

  • User weight: 160 kg

  • Speed: 6 km/h | 10 km/h

  • Range: approx. 35 km

  • Total weight: 122 kg

  • User weight: 160 kg

  • Speed: 15 km/h

  • Range: approx. 45 km

  • Total weight: 142 kg

  • User weight: 160 kg

  • Speed: 10 km/h

  • Range: approx. 45 km

  • total weight: 142 kg

  • User weight: 160 kg

  • Speed: 10 km/h

  • Range: approx. 35 km

  • Total weight: 157 kg

  • User weight: 250 kg


Rain cover

Transport box

Stick holder

Rollator bracket